I fcuked but didn’t rape her, Timaya cries out


Timaya is insisting that it’s a mutual rump. He admitted that he hooked up with the girl in his Atlanta hotel when she found out that he was in town for a show. He claimed she started filming from the minute she entered the room. And was

asking questions. He revealed that he asked if she enjoyed the sex and she testified to his impressive display and to the sexual dexterity of his anaconda popularly called koboko.

Trouble started when she asked if she could follow him to his show and he said no. It was then that she realized they didn’t use condom. Then she asked what if she gets pregnant . To which Timaya replied by saying he didn’t want another baby, that he just got a baby from his babymama whom he is faithful and loyal to. .

The incessant questions got Timaya suspicious and he snatched her phone from her only to discover that she had been filming him all the while. He claimed to have deleted the recordings and returned the phone to her before realizing that with iPhones, you have to delete twice. He requested for the phone again but she didn’t hand it over. .

Left with no choice, he called hotel security but she told the security that she was just recording for fun and nothing more. Timaya said he asked the security to remove the girl from his room but only after the lady has deleted the recordings but he was advised to let her go, as if she calls the police and tells them he’s holding her hostage, it’s a crime in the US. .

He then let her go after which she started calling to threaten him, saying she would mess him up and ruin his career for calling security on her. She demanded for money to take herself to the hospital and he left money for her at the reception.

He said he began begging her because the harassment became too much and she’d already called someone in Nigeria, that he was close to, accusing him of rape. She demanded that Timaya has to pay her $50k or she’ll publish their recordings. He said he was begging her to stop the blackmail and not because of any rape… any other person dt knows how to tell d truth like ds has to b another Timaya. Believe ds at ur own peril…

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