USA based woman accuses Timaya of rape. Claims threat to life


The woman who open an Instagram handle @exposingtherealtimaya, released their chats, voice recordings ( which have been proven to be truly Timaya’s voice), and the threats she is receiving from Timaya’s manager. Timaya could be heard begging for
forgiveness in one of the recordings.

Timaya was in USA last week to welcome his 2nd child from his babymama. Here are some of the thing the allegedly raped woman posted: “#TIMAYA NO MEANS NO!!! No matter who u r! I dont care if many will support evil #TIMAYA but proof is here he is ur artist then u should know his voice!!. #icannotbesilent #isaidstop”

IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO ME YOU KNOW WHO DID IT!!!!!!! One minute you’re apologetic to me and the next minute you’re threatening me which one is it I cannot be silent I rather die for the truth then live for a lie timaya U CAN CONTINUE TO THREATEN MY LIFE BUT I WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH


IMAGINE #TIMAYA MANAGER @prinzoluzor THREATENING ME Do you know it’s because of the kindness of my heart that to he is not in jail do you know there’s two cases against him in Atlanta one for threats and one for rape do you really want to take it there you’re supposed to be making peace but you want to jump in my DM’s and add fuel to the fire if it was against the law when I went and met with the detectives in Atlanta and played them the same thing that I’m posting i would’ve arrested me if I committed a crime know they asked me to go ahead and tell them to sign off on the warrant and I told him I didn’t know if I wanted to go through with it this is not Nigeria this is USA where there’s laws you will abide by them no matter how much money you have and he doesn’t have that much anyway.

Now I’ve been venting my frustrations on Instagram but at the same time I’ve been nice I’m tired of being nice please bring him back to Atlanta!!! #nomeansno #imfuckinwaitin U WANT TO READ ME LAW NIGGA RAPE IS AGAINST THE LAW THREATENING MY LIFE IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!! #TIMAYA IS FREE BECAUSE I DIDNT GIVE THE GO AHEAD BUT BRING HIM BACK PLEASE!!!….. Nigerians wld av said ds is d end of his career bt d poor career died 5 years ago…..

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