Man allegedly commits suicide upon being withdrawn from medical school after 10 years


According to BENUE.COM.NG, Medical Students in Benue State University, Makurdi have deposited the coffin of their dead colleague at the

office of the vice chancellor in protest. This is because their colleague, Idoko Nicholas Inalegwu died in an accident under controversial circumstances after receiving the news of his withdrawal from medical school after spending 10 years.


He was allegedly withdrawn for failing a resit exam that has bedeviled medical students in the institution over the years. One of the students said they believe that Idoko took his own life because he couldn’t bear the news that his 10 years in medical was in vain. He said: “He had been talking about it, that he wish he died a painless death.


The school have finished him. There is no where in the world that a medical student is withdrawn after spending 10 years.” Sources said the students had complained about the manner in which exams were conducted, where resit exams were prolonged for up to one whole year as against the stipulated six weeks, with no efforts to engage the students.


After spending 12 years without graduation, many of the students in the medical school have become disillusioned, frustrated, depressed and some have attempted suicide due to the stagnation and irregularities but the school management was continuously adamant about the psychological effects of their long stay in medical school. .

The students, after an altercation at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital mortuary, obtained the coffin of their dead colleague, marched to the VC’s office, vowing not to leave until their grievances which bother around the haphazard conduct of exams, manipulation of results, withdrawals and accreditation, are resolved.

The protest escalated this morning, when they blocked the Gboko-Makurdi Highway. They are demanding amongst other things, the presence of the VC of the university and the college provost who have so far failed to show up, after paying a deaf ear to their predicaments over the years….. R.I.P bro……

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