DIVORCE: EMEKA IKE’S WIFE CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT. She is messing herself, man claims


Man who claims to be in the know makes case for Emeka Ike over his divorce saga. The man who goes by the moniker, Great ImoJonathan, on Facebook, has this to say: “When Emeka Ike was training her in the university, he was not a bad man. He
trained her up to masters degree in the university, then he was not a wife beater. When Emeka Ike was making #150 million annual turnover, he was her darling. .

The young man spent his best days with her, bought her beautiful cars and lavished wealth on her. For 16 years they were together, she lived a high profile life driving good cars and living in highbrow areas. Then she didn’t remember he was a bad man. When they had their first, second, third and fourth child, he was not a bad man.


He opened a school for her to run with millions of naira in investment and she couldn’t handle it. She became a known face because of her marriage to Emeka Ike; used his name to gain visibility. How come it is now that the guy has financial challenges and is facing political opponents in his industry that the woman wants out? .

It is indeed a funny world. People will always have reason for what they want to do. Emeka Ike, you are not perfect, just like nobody is. Just take it as you see it. She may be in a struggle to live her life anyhow she wants it because she has began to go swimming with bikini in the home of your former neighbors and on the same street where you opened a school for her to manage and it failed. Live goes on!.”… I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, bt she ain’t messing wt no broke nigga. Plus it’s better to cry inside riches than to laugh inside poverty – Kim Kardashian, 2345BC …….

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