8-month pregnant woman delivers baby prematurely after police brutality


On Sunday night, 3 policemen attached to the Satellite Police Division, Lagos, brutalized Chika Elekwachi. On her hospital bed, Chika told SUN reporters that about 8pm on Sunday, she was heading to a shop at Agboju. Her account: “I suddenly
noticed a bus coming behind me. The bus obstructed me and one of the occupants came out, pointed a gun at me.

He threatened to shoot if I didn’t park. When I discovered that they were policemen, I tried to explain to them that I wanted to park my car. I begged them to allow me to go, as I was pregnant. Then the next thing was, he called me a prostitute. I was angry and reminded him that I am a married woman with 2 kids. I warned him not to call me a prostitute again. But one of them dragged me down from the car, even as passers-by were begging him to let me go.

While I was screaming for help, saying, ‘I am not a thief,’ they tore my trousers. I was not putting on any underwear, so they stripped me naked. They dragged me on the road, but I insisted that I would go with them in my car. In the process, my legs and my stomach were bruised. They bundled me into their vehicle and took me to their station in my virtually naked state. There, I passed out.”

Her sister, Favour Ifebuzor, said: “She started foaming in the mouth at the station. The policemen there were saying, “she is pretending. Let her stay there, she isn’t serious.” They’re just watching, including the DCO.” She was later rushed to Safe Hands Hospital. There, the doctor told us she was going into labour. But we heard the policeman who had come there telling the doctor that she was okay. He told the doctor: “She’s okay now. You’ll write everything that she is okay, and that nobody beat her.”

The doctor then certified her okay but his assertion was proved wrong, as Chika soon started bleeding. She was rushed into the theatre where the baby was forced out. The baby is alive but in an incubator.” Confirming the incident, Lagos State Police Command spokesman, Kenneth Nwosu, said the suspected policemen had been arrested…. n dt d police still remains our friend….

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