Buhari allegedly stops wife, families and aides from using presidential aircraft


According to a report by THE NATION, President Buhari has restricted the use of aircraft in the presidential fleet by his wife, Hajiya Aisha, and relations. They will now use commercial flight, unless it becomes compelling for them to fly in presidential aircraft. Apart from
saving cost, the President is said to be determined to prevent abuse of the presidential fleet.

To set example for others, the President made sure that his wife and 3 children performed Umrah (Lesser Hajj) to Makkah through Emirates Airline. They also came back with the same airline. The President was worried by the security reports on high cost of maintaining the presidential aircraft and abuse by some highly-placed Nigerians. During the GEJ administration, about N9.08billion was spent yearly to maintain the 10 aircraft in the Presidential Air Fleet (PAF).

A source said: “A situation where the aircraft were used anyhow by some friends, associates of the President during the GEJ administration can no longer be applicable in this dispensation. Buhari is determined to ensure the judicious use of the presidential aircraft to save cost. He is also setting a new template for governance. Do not be surprised if you see the President using commercial flights.”

Another source said: Do you know that it costs about N747m to fuel the aircraft in the presidential fleet per annum? President Buhari said his administration cannot afford such a luxury. The US President, Barrack Obama uses only two Boeing jets and one helicopter. So, Buhari is determined to cut cost. In any case, he lives an austere life. If he can ask his wife to fly a commercial jet, then other public officers must emulate his standard.”….. ds is a political witch-hunt against Aisha. Maybe it’s cuz she is nt a northerner.

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