“I desire to have my own village,”says Native Doctor with 56 wives and over 300 children


Chief Simon Odo, 68, is a herbalist in Aji community, Enugu state. He brands himself “Africa’s King Solomon” In a recent interview, he said: “There is nothing wrong in my having retinue of wives. 3 of my wives are graduates. I
will not stop marrying till I die, or until my manhood stops working. I am a blessed man.

I spend the average of N1.4m on feeding my household monthly and I give out cars out as gifts to my in-laws. I marry from poor families because this enables me to help them. None of my wives have complained of sex starvation. I make love to a reasonable number of them daily and I believe that sexual satisfaction of my wives is a gift from God. My latest wife who I just married last December is only 15 years.


It is on record that none of my wives have been involved in adultery, because if anyone of them indulges in adultery, she will be stuck with the man without been separated for a long period. I recognize my children because they all have marks as identity. My children can never sleep with themselves or marry themselves. If they do, the person will die instantly. In no distant time I may apply for recognition of my own village.”….. And he is still good looking. ds is inspirational, our young boys shld learn from him…..

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