Dead body of Obasanjo and Kabiru found floating on Osun River


The two JSS 2 students at Ife-Oluwa Middle School, Osogbo, went missing on Monday. 7 student had gone to the river area to pluck some fruits. One of the victims was said to have jumped inside the river to swim to the other side of the river where a
cherry tree was, but did not come out. After a while, the 2nd victim jumped inside the river to see why the first had not come out and he too disappeared.

The remaining 5 pupils were said to have sworn to an oath that they would not disclose what happened to anybody. But a woman, who had gone to the river to fetch water on Wednesday, found the corpses. She dropped her bucket and ran, with her legs touching the back of her head, to raise alarm.

After recovering their corpses, their parents called worshipers of Osun goddess to perform some rites on them before burial at the riverbank. Students of the school and other public schools around the area are known for truancy….. all fruit trees in d state r now going to b cut down by d government…..

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