After a lifetime of struggle, 80-year-old Chinese man buys a diamond ring for his wife with his life savings


The images of the simple-looking 80-year-old man gifting his elderly wife a diamond ring are now making waves. He is now dubbed, the most
romantic man in China. The couple had visited a jewelry shop together last Wednesday.

The man then proceeded to ask for diamond rings that were ‘reasonably priced’. After trying one on, he payed for it with a huge roll of small banknotes. He later mentioned that he wanted to make his wife happy after a lifetime of struggles. He said: “We’ve been leading a hard life. I just hope to cheer her up.”


A staff at the shop in Xinjiang took and shared their pictures in the hopes that the romantic gesture would inspire others to appreciate their life partners more….. American singer, Bruno Mars, is however adamant dt catching a grenade or jumping in front of a train for one’s spouse r still d most romantic n economical things to do……

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