DPO shoots man in the leg for refusing to sell his newborn baby


The DPO in charged of lgbodo Police Station has shot Okatuman Ofuzinam of Ndobu quarters, Ighodo, Delta State, for refusing to collect N550k offered to him so that he
could forget the case of his stolen new born baby.

The matron of a private clinic in Owerre-Olubor had sold their baby as they couldn’t offset their N60k hospital bill. She later told them she did not know the whereabouts of the baby. This made Okatuman report the case to the police and the matron was arrested.

Okatuman said: “The matron while at the police custody said she sold the baby to somebody in Warri and that she will pay us the sum of N550k to forget about the baby. On my refusal to sell my baby, the DPO called me a fool, saying that I will remain poor forever.”

The matron was later released the following day and when Okatuman insisted on knowing the whereabouts of his baby, the DPO shot him in his leg and he was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba while the DPO fled as Igbodo youths were after him.

The matron was eventually re-arrested and then gave the clue on how to recover the stolen baby after the case was transferred to the Police headquarter, Asaba. The baby has now been reunited with its parents….. d baby is said to b unhappy dt it’s parents will now remain poor forever and a day more and has refused to suckle ever since coming back home despite all pleas…..

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