“Lord I’m 200% grateful” UBA top staff shouts upon giving birth to twin boys after 14 years of barrenness


“Lord I’m 200% grateful” those were the words from the mouth of Mrs. Chinwe Abana, a top United Bank of Africa staff, who was childless for 14 years after marriage. God has finally decided to
daze her and she has
remained dazed since then.


She welcomed a set of twin boys on Xmas day and has continued to share her testimony since then…. trust Nigerians to always av something to say. Ds time, they are insisting dt the miracle has an illuminati undertone. Here is their analysis: barren for 14 years n gave birth on Xmas day in 2014 ( 2+0+1+4 = 7 ). Xmas day is Dec, 25 ( 2+5 = 7 ). And 7+7 = 14. Also 7 is a strong illuminati figure……

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