From an usher to being the host of 2016 GLO CAF Awards, the Juliet Ibrahim story


The Ghanaian actress inspired many with her journey from being an usher at the awards some years ago, to the host of the awards, this year. In a post on her page, she said: “From being an usher at
Glo Caf awards 2007 to being a guest at Glo caf 2012 and 2014 and now to hosting the Glo Caf awards 2015!

If Jesus say Yes nobody can say No. When I told my sis that I will be hosting this year’s Glo Caf awards, she asked me; this life is funny do u remember back in the day when u were just an usher for Glo Caf? lol God is an awesome God. Never give up on ur dreams, keep pushing and stay determined. Catch me live on January 7th.”….. u go us petrol to power our gens?……

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