The church of pastor who makes people eat snake, grass and bra has been burnt down

Today, members of the Julius Malema-led Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party joined up with Soshanguve residents of Pretoria to burn down End Time Disciples Ministries. Pastor Penuel has made headlines in recent weeks for
feeding his congregants snakes and rats. He is also known for stomping on members of his congregation as well as making them strip naked as part of his healing method.


He was nowhere to be seen today when the EFF and residents visited the tent where his church meets for their services as he wedded yesterday. The tent was set ablaze. There was also an exchange of blows between congregants and residents.


The EFF in Gauteng province have vowed to force Pastor Penuel to taste his own medicine by forcing him to eat the snakes and rats he has been feeding the congregants…. He is currently on his way to Nigerian to set up a new church n continue winning souls for Christ. God pls forgive these EFF members their sins for they know not what they do…..




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