Just to have a child for her wealthy husband, Nurse steals new born baby.


Adebola Titilayo was arrested on Friday for stealing a new born baby shortly after delivery in Arogun village, Ogun state in desperation to have a child for her wealthy husband. Adebola is the proprietress of a private maternity center in
Arogun community in Ewekoro LGA of Ogun state, and she stole the child after delivering the mother of the baby last June 13.

She lied and deceived the mother of the baby that she had a still birth and that the baby was dead. The biological mother of the baby later got reliable information that the nurse stole her baby and the Police immediately arrested her. People in the community noticed that the nurse who was never pregnant suddenly started nursing a baby that she could not even breast feed.

In the course of police investigation, it was revealed that the nurse, a mother of 7, had issues with her initial marriage and got married to another rich man and she wanted to have at least a baby for him….. d baby isn’t too pleased wt its rescue anyway cuz it heard dt d man is almost as rich as Dangote…..

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