It’s my turn. No it’s mine. Man stabbed to death in fight over who to rape girl next


A South African man, Muzimkhulu Dlwathi, was allegedly stabbed to death by his friend during an argument over whose turn it was, to rape a teenage girl. The sad incident happened in Oakmoor Extension 9 in Tembisa over the
weekend. Police spokeswoman Constable, Patricia Mgijima, said: “The two were at a party earlier at Teanong Section in Tembisa.

The girl was allegedly taken from the party by Muzimkhulu who said she would be his girlfriend for the night. He grabbed her and went with her to Oakmoor together with his friend. When they arrived at the house, they overpowered the teenager and raped her.

After they took turns raping her, Muzimkhulu decided to rape her again but his friend told him that he could not. A fight ensued between them. He was then stabbed in the upper body. During the fight the girl managed to run away.”….. without even offering to help rush him to d nearest hospital. Wicked world….

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