Man professionally knocks 2 teeth out of his babymama’s mouth


According to Nollywood actress and OAP, Tana Adelana, who shared the gist, it happened this morning and she has this to say: “Sigh* when will people learn that domestic violence doesn’t stop a thing?! That’s the man walking away from the camera, he
knocked out two teeth from his baby mama because she refused to allow him see the child he supposedly can’t/doesn’t feed. He is a driver named Dominic Akpan popularly called Archibong and she is Cecilia Etim (a domestic worker), both live in ajah. .

I don’t care what she did and trust me man, no one will ever pay attention to you again, not after what you have done to this girl! I will follow this matter up. His boss took her away, I’m guessing to the police station and then to a dentist/hospital as the driver is on the run. #SAYNOTODOMESTICVIOLENCE #ITKILLS.”…. she however assured dt d remaining teeth can still handle any meat, no matter d toughness as she still has some incisors and canines left…. Credits: @tanaadelana @sleekysimpson

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