6 weeks after, HKN signed artist has refused to pay one of the winners of his dance competition


One of the many relatively unknown artists signed to HKN records, Daniel Agunbiade, 27, aka Danagog, is in debt and only God can save him. Tosin Matthew came 2nd in Danagog’s #kobadancecontest and the
artist acknowledged this fact in a DM sent 6 weeks ago. But ever since then, he has been elusive. Seeing that MC Galaxy and Kiss Daniel only deemed it fit to pay the winners of their competitions after being called out, Tosin has decided to do same.


In a message sent in, Tosin said: “It’s not that I depend on the money. But I can’t let my efforts go to waste. I know the stress I passed through.”….. Tosin, if u r seeing ds, pls pardon brother Danagog cuz even his boss, who is at least 5 years younger than him, is rumored to b broke as we speak. Kindly disregard all those O.B.O nonsense…..

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