Teenager took selfies of 2face giving her oral sex


In the course of an investigation into the transmission of harmful material to a minor, police earlier this month searched the phone of Ashley Miller, an 18-year-old Florida resident. In a folder titled “2-face fun,” investigators found 17 photos of a canine
performing oral sex on an unknown white female. In a subsequent interview with cops, Miller acknowledged she was the woman in the photos and that she was being licked by her dog “2-face.” .

Miller said that the female dog, which she has owned since 2006, has “licked her vagina approximately 30 to 40 times.”” She further explained that she “would call 2-face into her room, take her pants off, open her legs and 2-face would give it to her.” She added that a prior dog, named “Scarface,” also licked her 30 to 40 times too.

The pup would “put her snout into her vagina on her own” without Miller forcing her into the act, she claimed. Miller said that’s where the sex ended: she never touched “2-face” sexually. One of her family members was always inside the house, Miller said, but they were unaware of what was happening in the bedroom. While the sex had been going on for at least 5 years, less than 10 of the acts happened after Miller turned 18 in February. .

She was arrested last Friday and charged with 2 misdemeanor counts of sexual activities involving animals. Miller, who was freed from jail Saturday after posting $1000 bond, is scheduled for arraignment on July 14….. She vows to always deleted d pics after each act if she escapes being jailed ds time around……

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