Ibim Semenitari reacts to the invasion” of her home by Rivers Govt officials


Officials of the Rivers state government invaded her home earlier today and the towed away a Lexus SUV which was said to be a government property. Here is an excerpt from her reaction to it: “The monetization policy of the government allows public officers to
leave government with their official vehicles as this is in lieu of vehicle, allowance, transport and other allowances, which they cannot draw because of the monetization policy of 2002. .

Mr. Nyesom Wike served as Chief of Staff, and upon departure left with all the vehicles he used as Chief of Staff. This has been the practice since this democratic dispensation when President Obassanjo instituted the monetization policy. Having served as Commissioner for two tenures, I am entitled to my status cars and have proof of allocation.

While I understand that Mr. Wike feels a dire need to destroy the reputation of Governor Amaechi and all those who worked with him, it is unacceptable that he will engage in brigandage, thuggery and underhand tactics to do so. A simple letter from any government official requesting me to make a submission or tender documentation would have been the appropriate way to go and I would have willingly tendered all the relevant documents to them. .

Breaking into my home, invading my privacy, damaging my property and removing property from my premises is inappropriate and illegal. I have chosen however to put out these details in the public space as it is apparent that for some persons only a destruction of my hard earned reputation would do and this I would not accept. .

My records in the Ministry of Information are crystal clear. I hope that Mr. Nyesom Wike is able to say same about his tenure in every office he has held. Forcing their way into my home unlawfully isn’t the appropriate way for any government that claims legitimacy to behave.”….. nt to even think dt I jst bought a full tank of petrol into d jeep. Smh……

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