Married stalker put on full blast


On Instagram this morning, the victim, @electricfyme, said: “Can someone please tell this idiot to stop calling my line with private number and then he’ll put the speaker on a porno he’s watching. He has a family but my son hasn’t slept well for
almost 2yrs bcos of this rubbish act.

I don’t know how he got my number but from the first time he started , he was using his number, I’d call back, he won’t pick, then he’ll call again, wanking and moaning for me, I’d be mad, who’s this, I’d send messages, call back all to no avail till recently God sent the people that invented TRUECALLER, I found out his name.

I confronted him, thought it’d stop, but he continued with private number, everyday I wake up to see 45 missed calls from private number, he calls 2am 3am, there was one my 2yrs old son picked around 3am cos I was sleeping and d phone had been disturbing him.


I was just hearing porno sounds in my dream cos my baby can put phone calls on speaker, that’s how we tot him so he can talk to his grandmother, I woke up and saw my son seriously listening to d moanings and slammings, say “eyo eyo”

This guy has a daughter and I’m sure she sleeps well at nite, why won’t he leave me and my son to sleep well, I’ve been enduring for almost 2yrs thinking and praying he’ll grow up but now I’m sure someone cursed his mother when she was pregnant with him, @hipnotikfuncity this is just the beginning, it’s PAYBACK TIME!!!…… some ppl feel it was his mother dt cursed someone n d thing now backfired. Woteva d case may b, an age long curse mst definitely b involved……

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