2-year-old boy dies after being stabbed multiple times by mom


Fashion designer, Funmilayo Tijani, 26, stabbed Emmanuel, whom she had out of wedlock, to death in the Sango Ota, Ogun State. She and her husband, John, separated 2 years ago. Her neighbors noticed that she held a bloodstained knife and
saw Emmanuel in a pool of blood. Funmilayo at that time looked like a mentally-derailed woman.

She grew up staying with her father after her mother died about 20 years ago. John initially refused to accept her pregnancy. But DNA test says he is responsible for it. He then took her to a place, and they were planning to travel to his hometown in Delta State but her father refused and asked her to come back home.

A neighbor feel Funmilayo might have committed the act out of frustration as she was financially and emotionally unstable. There are also arguments whether her husband was the father of the boy or her father, who she stayed with. Also, John has married another wife who gave birth a few weeks to the incident. After her arrest, the police say Funmilayo has been acting strangely…… depression is major suspect n it has been declared wanted…..

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