Woman going around to give fake testimony gets arrested


Mrs. Blessing Emeka Eze, 25, has been going from one church to another claiming that her 8-year-old daughter, Precious, was kidnapped and released after 11 days in captivity. The domestic servant was caught yesterday by members of Four Square
Gospel Church, Obawole, Iju station, Lagos State, where she had gone to give the same testimony. She also told the congregation that precious told her that she was fed with raw food and raw meat.

This made the Pastor, Rev. A.S. Adekunle, order that the girl be taken to a medical centre for treatment. At the hospital, Precious, who was wearing pampers, was observed by the doctor who said nothing was wrong with her. But Blessing insisted that something was wrong with her. At this point, the doctor recommended that she has to be on observation in addition to placing her on drip. Again, Blessing, objected.

While the argument was on, two men came in and identified Blessing and Previous as the person who gave a similar testimony at their church the previous Sunday. They said the church donated N5,000 for her to take care of the child. After Blessing was threatened with arrest, she opened up and said the girl was not kidnapped as she alleged, adding that she was only using the girl to make ends meet…. after being inspired by Psquare’s song “Testimony” n how they’ve been tasting money anyhow…..

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