Fake doctor arrested after stealing his friend’s license and practicing with it for 10 years


Martins Ugwu, who is a Senior Medical Officer II on Grade Level 13, at the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja, was found to have impersonated his friend, Dr. George Daniel, who is undergoing a residency training program in Jos, Plateau State. He
was his friend’s best-man during his wedding.

They both hail from Benue State. Daniel admitted he had lost his documentation when both men visited an uncle in Abuja on a job hunt but did not report it stolen because he thought he’d misplaced them. He said Ugwu returned the documents a year later, claiming a Good Samaritan had found them and sent them back, unknown to him, Ugwu took on his name and got employment between the times his documents were lost and returned.

Ugwu, who was due to be promoted to an Assistant Director in the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, has been working in the civil service since 2006 under the name, Dr. George Davidson Daniel, until he was arrested last Thursday…… I jst hope ds won’t affect his promotion…..

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