Between your favorite international African superstar, Tonto Dikeh and a girl she allegedly duped


From the victim, @pumpsberry: “My message to @tontolet 4 days ago. She is a criminal now she is threatening me, u can’t do anything to me be it juju power or man power because
I am covered by the lord. broke & fake.”.

And another one, “Dear @tontolet, thank u for pushing me beyond my comfort zone.I trusted u as a celebrity and gave u a Givenchy luggage bag and handbag with u promising to pay, u couldn’t afford the original so u asked for the replica. You ordered March 8th it was delivered March 20th and u had to pay that day but its been over one month and it’s been story after story, u ignore my messages and calls, u claim ur assistant was going to pay me, I called Peter and he said the check u gave him of the 8th bounced on the 10th.

Dear Tonto, I am a young girl 23yrs old trying to run a business, I am embarrassed and upset at myself that I trusted u as a public figure to pay me back, now I ask you my money u block me on Instagram? Who does that? when I read the Tiannah story I thought it was a lie but I am still amazed at the fact that u have stooped so low and blocking me when u owe me. You’ll pay me by fire by force, u will not bully me, I have lost respect for you as a woman and as a human. I’ll make sure everyone knows who u really are so u don’t go dupe another young girl, thank God I didn’t give u the authentic bags if not where will I be?

God sees all the evil u do and it will come back to u x10000. Repay my money. Lets not forget the moschoni dress shirt and u just called to threaten me? That weed u are smoking is really making u delusional. You are a sorry excuse of a celebrity when real celebrities and actresses call themselves please remove ur name from the list.

Keep threatening my life. I av all text messages to backup. Fake wannabe celebrity u couldn’t even afford authentic designer Gucci bags u chose fake Givenchy like all ur other fake bags, u don’t even know authentic designer things. #tontohdikeh #tontole….. d fastest way to gt ur money back is to talk to her allegedly rich boyfriend, Mr. X……

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