Panic all over the world as Ugandan woman who died in 2004 resurfaces


At Nkakwa in Uganda, there was pandemonium when a woman who died and was buried in 2004 resurfaced. Apolonia Kobusinge, was sighted in a bushy area in a neighboring community of Kabasekende. The residents arrested her and took her to police on suspicion that she was either a criminal or a
mentally troubled person. Pastor Patrick Sewante said that when Kobusinge was arrested, she looked weak and could not talk but he decided to pray for her so that she could recover.
Sewante said that it was after spending almost 2 years with Kobusinge that some people went to him and alerted him that Kobusinge had died in a road accident and was buried in 2004. He did not believe until her relatives came to his church and confirmed that she was buried over a decade ago. Her Femia Kamaransamba, was also taken aback at the discovery and positively identified her as her long dead daughter. She said: “Before her death, she had a scar on the upper lip and one toe had a faulty nail and everything was the same after examining her.”

Omuhereza Asiimwe Zahura who studied with her at Karuguuza Progressive Secondary School said she was positive that it was the person she had studied with. Her father, Omuhereza Kanagwa Ajuna said: “I will handle the matter carefully because I do not want to rush and make mistakes. I will consult my god, god ‘Owobusobozi Bisaka’ on the issue before doing anything.”

Elivason Kacope, the Nkakwa village chairman in Hapuyo Sub County, Kyegegwa district said he led the burial program and is equally shocked at the development. Currently Kobusinge remains at Patrick’s Church u until the family decides what to do…. Meanwhile, President Obama is set to address d issue in a worldwide broadcast later today……


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