“Pay N13m within 48hrs or lose your children,” kidnapper maid threatens as ransom is reduced by N2m


The househelp who ran off with the 3 Orekoya boys has demanded for N13m, threatening to kill the kids if it’s not produced within 48hrs. Leke, the children’s father, said: “They said we should produce the money in 24 hours or they
would ‘delete’ our kids. Our major concern is our 11 months old baby who needs extra care.” Their mother, Adebisi, who said the incident had started affecting her mentally, said:

“I called the line of the nanny and a man picked the call. He initially demanded N15m, but after I begged him, he agreed to take N13m. We have been exchanging text messages and he has insisted on N13m. He has also assured us that we have no other option than to pay the money. I spoke with the children and they said the kidnappers were treating them well and that they were doing fine. I’m sure if they get the money today, they will release my children to me.

All they need is the money. I appeal to the government, politicians in the country, Nigerians of goodwill to please help us before it is too late. After my children have been released to me, the police can then begin their investigation.”….. d FG is set to ban OLX n outlaw d hiring of housemaids in all Nigerian homes…….

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