After winning the fight against breast cancer and about winning liver cancer, Deby reveals she now has bone cancer


She made the news in 2011 after coming down with breast cancer. She was flown to the USA after receiving massive donation and social media support. Debby Osarere, took to her Instagram page to break the new news thus: “Always smile and dance when you
hear Bad news. My Medical Team (doctors) were trying to console me by saying first we have good news and bad news, which one do u want first?

All I said was I’m used to good news but I take bad news for a chance so begin with bad.. So my oncologist said “I’m happy your chemotherapy is working for your liver but sorry the Cancer came back to your bones. They said remember you had an aggressive metastatic breast cancer. Abeg save me all the medical terms I no sabi too much English I only sabi the name JESUS CHRIST.

Trust me I smile I knew they were waiting for my reaction. I used to cry whenever Cancer pops up in my labs but this time I danced to show them my bones will be alright and said God gat me, I’m in HIS laboratory I mean I’ve been fighting since Dec, 12 2011 HE will never leave me.

I have survived breast cancer stage IV, I’m surviving Liver cancer so how much bones? I’ve survived it before n I will survive it again. One certain thing is my tests are always (we saw something yesterday but again today we didn’t see anything). I will keep fighting for Sheyanu Bashorun, Olajumoke Ajibade And Michael. They all lost battle to cancer. It never gets any easier but I won’t give up because my STORY is far from over.”…. I av no doubt dt she will av a flawless victory over ds new cancer. It’s gon learn how not to intrude again……

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