Wife wins 1st round of legal battle with husband over church ownership


Caroline Okebu won her husband, Pastor Ralph Okebu, over the control and/or ownership of their church, Victory Pentecostal Ministries International Incorporated, Enugu. They fell apart over allegations of violence, philandering, greed, money mongering, deceit and
quest to convert church auditorium into warehouse.

Thus, the church became factionalized. Some of the members went with Pastor Ralph and the rest went with his wife, Caro. The situation was such that those supporting either side fought physically over the use of the church auditorium. The pastor and his wife even trade punches and ended up at the police station.

The worship arrangement now is that the Ralph faction worships in the morning, and the Caro group worships in the afternoon. Ralph, who feels the church is his personal business, went to court to claim the church and to deny Caro access to the church but the suit has been struck out for want of jurisdiction….. Ralph won’t appreciate what he has until he loses her to Wizkid who is still busy looking for Caro…..

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