Meet the couple who are getting married 38 times in 38 countries around the world


On Saturday, Rhiann Woodyard and Cheetah Platt, who live in California, got married in Thailand. They’re also getting married in Singapore, Australia, Fiji, and USA. They’ve already been married in Colombia, Spain, Ireland, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya and India. Each of
these destinations is a stop on the 3-month “wedding tour” they’re taking around the world.


They came up with this plan after they became frustrated with the high costs that came along with wedding planning. In their budget, they could afford an acceptable wedding but not their perfect wedding. On top of that, they couldn’t decide what they wanted.

They liked night weddings, but they also saw the appeal of getting married during the day. Outdoor weddings were nice, but so were indoor weddings. So, instead of starting a pro-con list to choose, they decided not to decide at all.


Instead, they bought a $100 tux and a $100 dress, packed them in their respective backpacks and set off to get married all over the world, as many times as they could….. they’ll also b getting married in Sambisa Forest, Nigeria ds Saturday while d election is going on……

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