Meet the devoted couple who have been married for 9 years but can’t have sex


Michaela, 38, and James Reece, 34, a Brisbane couple haven’t been able to have ‘pain-free sex’ due to the wife’s rare medical condition. Jimmy made a decision at the age of 14 that he would wait for his wedding night to have sex with his wife. They met, fell madly in love and
dated and waited for 21 months before we got married. They were very excited for their honeymoon considering Reece was 25 and a virgin.

“Imagine our heartbreak when sex was excruciatingly painful – to the point of impossible – and ended up in infection. This has been our reality ever since,” they said. Michaela said: “Imagine being with the one person you love but never being able to have sex with them. Every birthday, every anniversary, every new year that goes by means I still can’t be with my husband properly and it’s torture. Our 10 year anniversary is coming up in December this year.”

Michaela has vaginismus, a common but rarely discussed condition. The disorder causes the vaginal muscles to involuntarily tighten. It affects a woman’s ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration. It is estimated that millions around the world suffer from it and has no cure…… ds is why boys av started subjecting their girlfriends to at least 2 weeks of uninterrupted test driving b4 proposing jst 2 prevent story dt touches d heart. Dts now d new minimum criterion……

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