“Her naked body turned me on”—16-year-old who raped and robbed 52-year-old neighbor laments


Abdulateef was arrested on January 18, 2015 at Lambe, Ajuwon, Ogun State. The neighbor was sleeping in her room at about 1.40a.m when Abdulateef entered. He met her spread on her bed, naked. Holding a
rod, he tapped her awake, demanding for valuables. He sent shivers down her spine by telling her that other gang members were outside, and it would be in her own interest if she cooperated, or she would be dealt with.

The woman quickly handed him N16,500 but she was shocked when he commanded that she lay on her bed and spread her legs for him, as he wanted to have a good time with her. After satisfying himself, the boy went out, happy that his elderly neighbor did not see his face.

But unknown to him, the woman recognized him. Three days later, he was arrested. In his confessional statement, he said: “She was naked as she slept and the sight aroused me. After collecting N16,500 from her, I ordered to lie on the bed. I climbed her and had sex with her.

After about 5 minutes of heavy “panshing”, I stood up and left for my house. I have never carried out robbery before that day. I don’t know what made me do it but I believe I was propelled by an evil spirit.”…… ds is what happens when d spirits of “stealing n Konji” join forces to reason ur matter……

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