Defiant Charlie Hebdo’s first cover since massacre depicts weeping Prophet Muhammad holding Je Suis Charlie


A defiant Charlie Hebdo has released its first cover since Islamist fanatics burst into its offices in Paris and murdered 12 people and it depicts weeping Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) holding Je Suis Charlie sign. It’s projected to sell 3 million copies. Above the figure, who is drawn in
comic style wearing a turban, the text declares: ‘Tout est pardonn√© (All is forgiven)’. The cover was published yesternight and within minutes it was circulating around the world on social media.

It was signed by Luz, the same staff cartoonist who drew an image of the Prophet Muhammad on the magazine’s cover 3 years ago, leading fanatics to firebomb the magazine’s offices. Luz, real name Renald Luzier, 42, avoided last week’s mass murder because he overslept by half an hour and was late for work.

The magazine’s lawyer, Richard Malka, says “We will not give in. The spirit of “Je suis Charlie” means the right to blaspheme. A Je Suis Charlie banner means you have the right to criticize my religion, because it’s not serious.”….. President Jonathan shld pls step in and call Luz to order. He is going too far…..

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