57-year-old nurse dies after one round of sex with lover, an Okada rider.


Akodogbo Doheto, 60, has been arrested in connection with the death of Bonu Fiaret, 57, who died in his one room apartment after a divine sexual encounter at Salu Street, Badagry, Lagos. Bonu, who is a divorcee and a nurse, and Doheto had been dating for about
two years before her sudden death. In his statement to the police, Doheto said: “We were lovers. She came to my house on January 2 at about 8.30pm. We attended a carnival in the area that evening.

When we came back, we had just one round of sex, after which we both slept on the bed, and there was no problem. The following morning, I tried waking her up, but there was no response. I observed that her body was stiff. I raised the alarm. That was how we found out that she was dead. I am not responsible for her death.

She was hypertensive and it might be her condition that caused her sudden death. I work as an Okada rider. I am married and have one child, but my wife does not stay with me.”….. I fear okada riders, d way they handle women is often not friendly. Lets pray he doesn’t get sentenced to something more than death….

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