Man 80yrs Arrested For Raping 12yr-old Girl.


Police detectives from Ikole Division, Ikole-Ekiti have arrested one Pa Olajide Ojo of No. B22, Oke Ode Idogun Street, Ikole–Ekiti for defiling a 12 years old girl on 24th of December, 2014. The victim who was on street trading was lured into
the room by Olajide under the guise that he wanted to buy pounded yam from the girl. He then locked the door as soon as the victim entered and forcefully defiled her. The cry of the girl attracted neighbors who promptly alerted the police.

Medical report as well as the blood stained exhibits recovered from the scene confirmed that the victim was defiled by the suspect. …. ds is sad. Instead of buying pounded yam from d poor girl, he decided to pound her like a yam. He shld b jailed for at least 2weeks wt no option of fine…..

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