Traditional ruler gave wife thorough beating as New Year gift.


Baale Abeeb Lawal, who heads Ikolalumo in Meiran/Ajasa command area Lagos State, brutally assaulted his wife over a phone conversation on New Year day. It’s alleged that he gave her a signal to end a phone conversation she was on, but she thought he asked her to
lower her voice, so she did. The Baale who thought she purposely disobeyed him pounced on her like a hungry lion from one of the Nigerian zoos, hitting her with a chair.


Not satisfied, he broke a bottle and stabbed her at the back. When the blood flow from her body won’t stop gushing out, she fainted and was then rushed to a private hospital. In all this, the woman was half naked with her breasts dangling for the public to see…. If not for d fact dt “to err is human n to forgive is divine,” one would’ve advised her to quit d marriage bt human rights activists shld pls do something…..

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