Relationships are like business ventures. In a business a smart Entrepreneur protects his/her fixed and liquid assets ; which may be his personnel, cars , buildings , equipments etc through Contracts/ Insurance because he doesn’t want to acquire a huge loss if any mishap occurs. Assets in relationships are the heart, mind and body and they must be Protected by relationship Laws, rules and insurance to prevent heartbreak. A lot of ladies add unnecessary body counts, become sidechicks, waste precious time because they never asked simple questions or stated their intent or acted on their new goals to their new catch as a result of emotions and excitement.

▪️Fellas : Do you ever wonder why a lady would ask you who am I to you just after sex? ( can it not be annoying giving that never talked about anything relationship wise?)

▪️Ladies : why do you always ask who am I to you after sex? Not before sex but after? ( can it not be annoying when the guy laughs or says we’re vessels in the hands of the lord or we’re ordinary people) ▪️A Real life scenario : A friend of mine assumed this guy was her boyfriend just because they spoke everyday for months, she flew from London to camp at his place for 2 weeks sexing him, cleaning and cooking for her to hear him tell his brother my friend is here I can’t talk. Then she asked him who am I to you ? he said when did I ever officially ask you out?

This happens everyday and people always get heart broken because they always ASSUME but never just ask a simple question or establish a contract / understanding with the new guy or lady they just met. ▪️Research your new catch. ▪️Ask if he/she has GF /BF. ▪️Ask if you can post his/her picture before you post and his real GF/BF corrects your illusion. ▪️Ask before sex who am I to you ? Not after. PS! No amount of asking can protect you from lies or deception but at least you tried and gave room for only one mistake.
Establish your own contracts / insurance no one knows your love interest like you .


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