John Obi Mikel secretly fathers 2 children with 2 babymamas


According to MirrorUk, Mikel, 28, is dad to a 4-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter after short relationships with the women. However, he makes sure he provides for his two children. He is understood to have bought a
¬£500k house in 2013 in the Home Country for his son and mum and is keen to play a part in the boy’s life. .

He also agreed to give her tens of thousands a year in upkeep and agreed to give her a new car every 3 to 5 years. Mikel also financially supports his daughter, who was born after the couple met at a London nightclub in 2013. A friend of the daughter’s mum added: “John has provided for her and the girl.

She seems to have come into money since having the baby and is keeping a low profile.” Mikel is now dating Russian businesswoman Olga Diyachenko. In an interview in Nigeria last year. he revealed: “I’ve been dating seriously for two years now. I’m in love. I’ve found love.”…… he is indeed a player both on n off d field……

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