After saying Nigerians shouldn’t vote for Buhari because he is too old, Fayose appoints 72-year-old carpenter as LGA chairman


Yesterday, the governor of Ekiti State appointed Pa Olatunde Afolayan, as the caretaker chairman of Moba LGA.While addressing the people, Fayose said: “In my government, whether you are educated or not, you will get something. The

vote of a professor and an illiterate is the same.

So, under my administration, those who are not educated can rise to any level they want.” Responding, Pa Afolayan said “I have never gone to school for a day, but that does not diminish my intelligence. I may not be educated or certificated, but I have the experience to pilot the affairs of the council. .

I promise to surpass the records left behind by my predecessors to justify Governor Fayose’s assertion that local people are intelligent and visionary.”…… he said all these in fluent Queen’s English……

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