Close ya legs, pre-marital sex is a dirty thing – Toke Makinwa



In her vlog last week, the OAP, blast those having sex before marriage, calling them dirty people. According to her, “Sex kills. It is bad for you to have sex if you are not married. You are dirty and God does not like dirty. If you are

not married and you are watching this, if you are underage, I’m judging you because sex should only be with your rightful partner, with your husband.

Why are you having sex Close your legs and only give it to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Even if you preach abstinence from now till tomorrow, people are still going to have sex People are really having a lot of sex. We are a generation of people who are having too much sex as far as I’m concerned and protection is key if you must have sex”

She also spoke about the fact that Nigerians are raised to be ashamed of sex and talking about sex. She said: “People are so ashamed of sex that they can’t call the organs by the rightful names. So people use words and phrases like ‘his thing’, ‘her snail’, kpekus, prick etc.”…. at least “Kpekus” is still an English word invented by d Queen of England bt wch one b “her snail”?. Na wa for ppl o…..

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