Student born a man appeals to the public for N3.1m to help him become a woman


University of Westminster student Nikki Hayden, born male, said “all I’ve ever wanted was to be female.” She set up an account on Crowdfunding website hoping to raise the money, £10,000. So far, nearly
£2,000 has been raised to help the second year psychologically graduate fulfill his dreams.

At 21, she began Hormone Replacement Therapy. Nikki said she has no shame over asking strangers for money. Unable to afford her surgeries as a full-time student, she once considered prostitution but could not go through with it.


She said: “I am calling upon those of you who can understand and empathise with what I am going through to help me truly be the person I am. So I can not only be happy and content, but also go on to become a professional where I can help others.”…. Davido said if she had said it last week, he’d av given her d N1m he gave Jide…..

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