If you love your wife or girlfriend, what are you doing here? ( The Mentality/Mindset/Cognition of a SideChick) by Joro Olumofin


There have been a lot of stories going round on social media showing the audacity & courage of mistresses/SideChicks to directly attack wives or fiancées of their “so called” man. Aside from the personality of some SideChicks to be
naturally belligerent, I believe the husbands or boyfriends in this situation play a major role in giving their SideChick the power or will to attack their wife.

Some men in this situation share every detail and flaw of their wife with their mistress and even compare their wife with the SideChick or make insinuations like; you’re a better cook than my wife, if I had met u 2 years ago I’d av married u, my children seem happier around u, if u got pregnant for me now I’d keep it, my wife is so boring in bed I wish she could learn from u, I’d rather spend my birthday with u than with my wife

Some men even buy their wife and mistress the same shoe, perfume or clothes. All these acts made by a husband or a boyfriend to his SideChick can be seen as a (Cognitive) seed being planted in the mind of a SideChick.

She (SideChick) starts seeing herself as a better wife, cook, mother than the wife therefore leading to a string of antics and disrespectful gestures. I once heard of a SideChick who intentionally left her underwear behind with a note so the wife could find it. Every mistress always asks their “Man” if u love ur wife why are u with me?

Most times the response given is degrading to the wife which gives the SideChick a level of confidence to carry out her master plan. Most men in this situation would say anything to make their mistress happy even if they don’t mean it.

What they don’t know is they are creating and building an extra room for their mistress in their marital home. Being a SideChick used to be a thing of shame or disgrace in the olden days but now some ladies carry the title like a trophy or an award. A good man would never av a SideChick in the first place which would eliminate all emotional strain from his lady…… HBD Joro. I owe u 2 plates of nkwobi 4ds piece….

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