Meet some women who have stopped their periods to further their career


As the manager of 5 hairdressing salons in Surrey, Alanna Allen, 29, and lives with husband Daniel, 32, in Chertsey, Surrey, loves her job. She worked her way up and now heads a team of 10 stylists. She is one of the UK’s top colorists. To
remain at the very top of her game, she uses hormones to switch off her monthly periods and stop them disrupting her career.

She said: “I’ve not had a period for 7 years now, and I’ve never looked back. The best thing for me is the convenience. When you’re with a client, you want to focus entirely on them. I have very little sympathy for any of the young female apprentices who say they are suffering from period pains.


There’s no need for any woman to have to put up with that. I know there are health implications because long term use can lead to osteoporosis and it could affect my fertility. But even though these are my “child-bearing” years, I really don’t like the thought of having a baby now.”

Morgan Spicer, 27, a graphic designer, could not agree more. Working in a male-dominated advertising agency, she was anxious that her monthly cycle was damaging her career. 2 years ago she decided to stop menstruating completely. Morgan said: “Having periods was detrimental to my working ethos. I had to take a few days off every month as I was in so much pain.


I was working in an all-male office and in meetings, I’d sometimes feel a pain in my lower abdomen and think: “Oh no, I’m going to start my period” and would have to excuse myself. It was a constant worry. Now I have no anxiety about that. My job involves a lot of international travel.

Not having a period means I’m free to come and go without having to worry about being prepared on a train or plane. And when I’m working in an office full of men, it feels like I’m on a more level playing field.”….. wen many men, many, many, many men wish they cld also b menstruating, ds ones r stopping theirs. Ds life is jst funny…..

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