Jilted woman gets revenge by setting cheating partner’s crotch on fire while sleeping.

One man has learned a very valuable lesson after cheating on his woman.mAfter finding out that her man had slept with her co-worker, an unknown woman decided to get a revenge on the tool her man cheated on her with. In this 30-secs clip shared by Elite Daily, the man is seen fast asleep.

The woman, presumably his girlfriend or wife, opens a bottle of nail polish remover and slowly pours some of the liquid over the groin area. With a long lighter, she sets the front of his underwear on fire. It only burns for about a

second before the man jolts awake, screaming and batting at the flames.


Video link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X3W-BFqVfl8

“You cheating on me with my f***ing co-worker, you didn’t think I was gonna find out?” she is heard saying as he rolls over and moans, holding his crotch. “Get your s*** and get the f*** out,” she says, as he falls off the bed and stumbles off camera….. ds is why it’s advisable not to sleep wt ur face up wen u r in a relationship…..



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