Weeks after Justice Oloyede petitioned Osun State governor, woman accuses her of snatching her husband


Justice Folahanmi Oloyede, made news recently for petitioning the state House of Assembly, asking that impeachment proceedings be commenced against Aregbesola, who she also accused of being corrupt. She is now being accused by a
woman named Mrs Emily Richards-Obire of snatching her husband. Oloyede was recently issued a query by the Osun State Judicial Service Commission, SJC, over her petition against the Governor.


Mrs Obire and her husband married in 1992 but the husband packed out of the house in 2011. She said she later discovered that Mrs. Oloyede and her husband are now cohabiting in Lagos. She says Oloyede comes to Lagos every weekend to take it. She claims Oloyede and her husband met during a meeting usually held by adherents of The Grail Message because they are both members.


According to her, Oloyede has also permanently handed over her official car to Mr Obire. Mrs Obire has now written National Judical Council (NJC) accusing Oloyede of snatching her husband. She is urging the NJC to use their offices to restrain Oloyede from further acts of having an affair with her husband…… she hopes her husband is still in serviceable condition after being snatched 4 years ago n subjected to constant use every weekend…..

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