We all have securities but shaming women for that is just cruel, Hafsa Mohammed speaks


“I will take her swimming on the first date.” You don’t know how this comment irks my nerve. I still don’t get why and even women like to shame women that get transformed by wearing make up! IS IT YOUR FACE! Good for
you for having good skin but some women have redness and acne scars and would like to cover that.

We all have securities but shaming women for that is just cruel and wrong!! Note to Men:

1.Girls don’t wear makeup for you!! I’m tired of you all assuming everything a woman does to her outward appearance is about attracting men. Not only is it arrogant and narcissistic. Its plain crazy

2.Really the love for the girl you like depends on how much make up she wears. We understand that some of you like you women au natural but please like them without shaming women with makeup because you are the same people that idolize women with fake boobs and fake everything but you want to take a woman swimming once she has make up on her face.

Women are suppose to conform to an impossible standard of beauty but do so invisibly. The moment they decide to enjoy beauty rituals for their own pleasure they are labelled vain, shallow, materialistic, fake and stupid.

Unfortunately I’m not Beyoncé I did not wake up like this. And interestingly I don’t look flawless without my foundation. Even if we could care less about what sister Deborah has to say about our contour game or our cat eye and red lip.

Please stop projecting your insecurities on other people with all the judging. It is mean and unnecessary. Never let anyone determine your worth based on how much or little makeup you choose wear.”…. drops mic, pouts for selfie, twerks and walks away…..

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