In Ekiti State, church G.O converts to Islam


Pastor Adekunle Afolabi, 45, founder and leader of Apata Adura Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ekute, Ado-Ekiti, with branches across Ekiti State, is now a Muslim after practicing Christianity for over 25 years. He is now known and addressed as
Alfa Abubakar Afolabi.

He attributed his conversion to a divine encounter he had with a strange man in white in his dreams who showed him certain flaws in Christianity and convinced him that indeed Islam is the only religion that leads to heaven.

He tutored at the Deeper Life Bible Church school in Ayobo, Lagos and his parents attended the Assemblies of God Church…. he converted long b4 APC took power so we can’t say it’s as a result of CHANGE or call it an APC achievement…..

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