So as not to be a burden on her family and the NHS, healthy former nurse decided to die at Swiss suicide clinic


Gill Pharaoh, 75, was not suffering from a terminal illness but decided she did not want to depend on others by becoming frail in old age. She chose to end her life at a Swiss suicide clinic. She travelled to the Dignitas-style Lifecircle clinic in
Basel for her assisted suicide on July 21 with her husband, John, and spent the evening before her death having a ‘tranquil’ meal on the banks of the Rhine. .


In a blog post two months before she died, Mrs Pharaoh, a mother of 2, explained why she had chosen to die. She said: “Until I was 70, I was very fit and able to fully participate in any activity I wanted to do. I felt I could still be busy and useful and fairly productive. Then I had a severe attack of Shingles and it all changed. At 75 I am told I look ok and I take no medication. However, I feel my life is complete and I am ready to die.


My family are well and happy –their lives are full and busy. I have had to make my exit while I am in my right mind and capable of doing so without too much assistance, because I am afraid of compromising the people around me whom I love.” Dr Erika Preisig assisted in her suicide on July 21st….. ds is so lovely. I’ll do same wen I’m 151….

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