Nigerian man kills white woman over money in USA


Ezeoma Obioha, 31, was arrested on Friday night and remains in jail where he is being held on a $1million bail. Obioha and Carrie Jean Melvin knew each other and had a financial dispute. Melvin, 30, a Hollywood production assistant, was
shot in the head on July 5 while walking with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard in LA, California. Obioha, with civic ties and an emerging clothing line, had contracted Melvin’s new online business to market his company.


The dispute occurred when he wrote her a bad check that bounced and she threatened him with legal action. The bad check put a strain on her financially causing her to add shifts waitressing and she was not able to celebrate his birthday or travel to the family’s home for Father’s Day. On Facebook, Obioha is listed as the President and CEO of The Hoodfellas, Inc., and on the company’s website it says he is a Morehouse College graduate and a US Army Veteran….. I jst pray he doesn’t get more than a death sentence.

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