My plan was to use and dump my wife, Paul Obazele confesses


Paul is a Nollywood veteran known worldwide and extremely popular in Nigeria. During an interview with THE SUN, when asked about how he met his wife, he replied with this epistle: “My wife is a banker. ( ….and so what? ) I
met her on one of the days I was hard up; I went to the bank with a cheque given to me by Chico Ejiro. I got to the bank with a post-dated cheque that I didn’t know it was post-dated, but I thought I could swing it with my star status. .

And my friends who accompanied me said: ‘that girl wey dey there no dey hear word; she is a very stubborn girl’. But I accosted her and she told me ‘no’, even while saying that, she was laughing. Then she told me that if I wouldn’t mind, she would lend me some money. At that point, I stood up angrily and stormed out of the bank. .

As I left, I said to myself: “I’ll teach you what stars do. I will sleep with you and scram”. So I came back, toasted her and lured her in. But she said “if your plan is to sleep with me then you won’t.”Like joke, we became friends and today we are married!.”…. ds is terrible. I pray his wife finds it in her heart to forgive him for ds. Men r jst infinitely wicked……

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