4 months after, runaway father of triple twins returns home


After days of persuasion by his wife Ruth, Mr. Emeka Uche yesterday returned to a new home, a mini-flat in Ogun State. They used to stay in Agege, Lagos. Ruth initially had two sets of twins, but another set came in
February, prompting Emeka, a factory worker, to flee.

He said: “It was not easy for me. I contemplated suicide on several occasions. I cannot believe I am here, holding my kids for the first time. When I left, I initially went to the village where I spent a month. After that, I came back to Lagos but stayed with my friend.

I know that I was not far from them, but I just did not want to return without a better solution on how to cater for my home. I was ashamed too to come back to that house to see them after I’d abandoned them and run away.”….. like someone acting under d influence of dt old Styl-Plus song, “Run away.”…..

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